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Ngurie Organic revolutionizes agriculture with innovative, sustainable solutions, enhancing crop yields, soil health, and reducing environmental impact for a greener future.

Arecanut Plant

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One year old Arecanut plant. Buy  588  Plants and get free Shipping.

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Ngurie Organic Private Limited is at the forefront of pioneering agriculture, combining innovative technology with a groundbreaking product and service to revolutionize organic farming. Our mission is to transform agriculture by integrating advanced techniques such as data-driven research, precision agriculture, and blockchain transparency. We empower farmers through digital outreach, comprehensive training, and solutions that significantly reduce irrigation needs, promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

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Empower Farmers

Providing digital tools and training for sustainable farming.

Advanced Farming

Leading with innovative technology and sustainable practices.

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Conserving resources and promoting soil health.

Top Rated Eco-Friendly North East Startup!

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I’m impressed with Ngurie’s precision agriculture tools. They’ve helped me make informed decisions that have significantly optimized my farming operations. Their support and innovative solutions truly make a difference. Azie.

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